Custom Beats

anavar and headaches Thanks to the multi-talents of Gam Beeno, a musician of over 20 years, and a staff of mutant-like musicians; we have the capability to design fully customized beats. Armed with the skill to play several instruments, read and write music, and a freakish knack at playing accurately by ear; Gam Beeno and friends are always up for a challenge. Let us impress you by taking the melodies that are dancing around in your mind straight through our Ethernet cable and into your next platinum hit! www onetwotrade com Our secret is the process of interpolation. By interpolating beats, we insert new melodies, instruments, and drums. We can replicate your favorite beat….note for note….right down to the BPM. And we can do it in a way that even the original composer couldn’t tell; in fact, he’ll wish he had made our beat!  With all these musicians and sounds lying around, we have just the right tools to bring your next hit to life! When we’re done, and the smoke clears the room, you have your very own original beat…minus the copyright infringement. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Song Writing

che significa fare trading song writing

purchase Priligy online no membership overnight shipping Having trouble crafting that hit song you keep hearing over and over that’s jumbled up in your head? Planet Beat Mobb hosts a team of very gifted song writers. No matter what your favorite music genre is, put our magic wands to the test. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Mixing & Mastering


Tastylia without prescription 3 Time Grammy Award Engineer “Tony” Daigle w/protégé Gam Beeno

analise tecnica opções binarias With the experience of mixing and mastering 100’s of Hip Hop, RnB, Pop & Gospel records featuring major artists across the south like Pimp C, Bun B, Boosie Bad Azz and many more; we have developed a unique style of sonically shaping records. Consumers listen to their favorite major artists all the time, there is no fooling them when they hear a record that has inferior quality than they are used to hearing. To become their favorite artist, you have to sound like their favorite artist! Let us give your records the köp Viagra online billigt industry standard quality they deserve to compete in a constantly evolving and highly competitive market place. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Pro Tools Instruction

trading 1 euro Planet Beat Mobb offers hands on pro tools instruction by Gam Beeno (24 years experience), protégé of 3x Grammy Award engineer Anthony Daigle. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems Registration كسب المال مع البلوج ab wann gibt es Viagra billiger Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems, better known as beställa viagra utan rx BDS, is a service that tracks monitored radio, television and internet airplay of songs based on the number of spins and detections. The service, which is a subsidiary of Nielsen Corporation provides the basis for Nielsen Media publication opcje binarne czy da się zarobić Billboard in the United States. Since its 1992 debut, BDS has become the standard for the radio and music industry because of its accuracy of detecting, tracking and monitoring songs, thus eliminating the use of reporting and call-outs to trades and record labels when it comes to adding and testing tracks. The method has also helped tracks that only received airplay (songs that are not released as singles) become major hits, especially in opzioni binarie bonus senza deposito dicembre 2014 Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, where several radio-only tracks have reached the top spot.  Read more

Quality Tastylia Drugs At Low Price No Prescription Needed This is how major record companies get data on your record(s), and gauge signing you, or giving you a distribution deal. This is the only data that is critical to a record company CFO, who cuts the checks! Planet Beat Mobb has its own account and representative with Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems, so we provide registration services for BDS. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Corporate Registration

premarin cream sales Let us show you how to register your company officially as an LLC entity with whatever state your in. Register your company officially and get a fresh-clean credit rating for your business. There’s nothing like having a clean credit slate! Our company was registered by a CPA…and boy did it cost us! Now we’re able to offer this service…for the low. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Branding/Music Marketing

Branding is a marketing function which includes creating a name, design or a symbol that differentiates and identifies a product from other products. In simple terms, your brand is your declaration of excellence to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is a way of communicating from who you are, who you want to be, and who people will perceive you to be.

For a music maker, this may also include a unique sound, look, or selling point.

Have you reached a dead end in your career or an invisible ceiling that you just can’t get past? Let us share many strategies that we’ve learned from working with 100’s of labels, and also from training received at LSU. (AAS/Business Management/Marketing)

  • Radio Promotion/Marketing
  • Online Music Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Potentially getting a major distribution deal (like the one I got with Universal/Bunny Hop/Billboard#’s 1,2,3)

Music Production/Programming Instruction

Hip Hop Producer, Music producer, R&B producer

Planet Beat Mobb also offers personal music instruction classes hosted by master musician, Gam Beeno. At your request, we have several musicians on hand for instruction on guitar (lead & bass) and drums. Classes include instruction on software and hardware. If we don’t have your favorite workstation, you are welcome to bring yours. For more information on the software and hardware available, refer to the
sequencing & programming section on page Use the contact form below for pricing.


dropping a beat, how to drop beats, how do i drop a beat, how to make beats

At Planet Beat Mobb we’re all about helping our fellow musicians/producers. It doesn’t matter whether you need help creating:

  • Beats
  • Beat Tags
  • Sound Packs
  • Beat Promotion Videos
  • Beat Graphics

Let us help your beats become industry standard…sonically & graphically. Use the contact form below for pricing.

Sound Design


Planet Beat Mobb is the home of some of the most talented musicians on the planet. We’re constantly finding ways to take innovation to the next level of sound design. We are not only dedicated to helping artists make better songs, but helping producers make better beats….BETTER BEATS….BETTER BUCKS! You don’t have to be a master musician to make hot beats. That’s what we’re here for, so let us play….you get paid.

We design sample libraries & loops that are compatible with all digital audio workstations (DAW’s). Whether your favorite workstation is Reason, FL Studio, Battery, Kontakt, Logic, Garageband, Pro Tools, or even an MPC drum machine you’ve got laying around, we’ve got a loop or two just for you, starting at only .99¢! Our sample libraries & loops are multi-formatted: Acidized WAV, Apple Loops, Rex, Akai akp/pgm, Reason NNXT, Native Instruments Battery .kit’s, Kontakt .nki, and we are consistently working on more formats. You never have to buy another sample library just for only a couple of loops that may fit your style of production.

File Format Conversion

Having trouble converting your files from one format to another, we’ve got you covered! No matter what file format you need converted, we can do it for you. Use the contact form below for pricing. tastylia uk Music/Video File Formats

  1. PC compatible formats (WAV, MP2, MP3, WMA{windows media, small files})
  2. Mac/Apple/IPhone formats: (M4A, MP4, AIFF, MOV {quck time})
  3. Android Phone formats: (MP3, AAC {better quality than MP3, similar bit rate}, 3GP {2-4G phones})
  4. DVD/BluRay format: (AC3, Dolby Digital Surround Audio} AVI)
  5. Optimization for file streaming: (OGG, streaming of high quality digital multimedia files)

blog azioni binarie Music Loop Formats for Producers

  1. 24 Bit Wav (PC)
  2. AIFF (Apple Loops)
  3. REX (Loop files chopped into playable slices on a midi keyboard)
  4. Akai MPC (.akp, pgm)
  5. Fl Studio
  6. Reason NNXT (.sxt)
  7. Native Instruments Kontakt (.nki)
  8. Native Instruments Battery (.kt2-4)

Graphic Design

By Myself Cover-Exposure

Need help creating intricate images and designs that you can resize without losing quality? Graphic design falls under two main categories: photo editing and illustration. Our graphic artists have advanced capabilities using photo effects, digital imaging tools, and illustration tools to create all kinds of different designs for a wide variety of formats. Whether you need just the right design to bring your mixtape, CD, single cover art to life; or if you’re just looking for some help to make your own unique blog banner or Facebook header, our designers have the tools to suffice. We can give you more creative control over the designs you display on your websites and blogs by helping you create logos, illustrations, animations, advertisements, blog banners, posters and so much more. Refer to use the contact form below for pricing.

Voice Over Recording

Need professional voice over work for your next commercial, audio presentation, or project? We’ve got quite a few distinctive personalities among the talented staff at Planet Beat Mobb to give your project just the right persona that it needs to stand out from your competitors. Use the contact form below for pricing.

E Books & Audio Books

With an ever broadening arsenal of educational and helpful articles, we’ve decided to compile our information into E books and audio books to help our fellow independent artists, producers, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Planet Beat Mobb is not only comprised of talented musicians, but academically accredited professionals, ranging from Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees, to MBA’s and PHD’s all with one goal in mind; to uplift and enlighten our fellow music makers. Knowledge is indeed power, but even G.I. Joe said, “knowing is half the battle.”

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’re at your service…